The Colosseum: The Militaristic Nature Of The Roman Empire

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Ancient Roman society had a focus on the militaristic nature of the civilization. The government thrived on conquering new territory to build its empire. In order to keep the empire under control, Roman leaders placed a high importance in the architecture of its cities. They used their buildings to advance their knowledge of the world and show their strength. One building used for this is the Colosseum.In the present day the Colosseum represents the major points of Roman society: militaristic nature and elegant architecture. As the Roman Empire was reaching its peak, they wanted to show their superiority through architectural marvels like the Colosseum. Initially, the building was built to mark the reign of Vespasian, an emperor who took power after the disastrous rule of Nero. It showed stability in a time of political unrest. The building was a gift to the Roman people from their ruler. The Colosseum, like many buildings from ancient Rome, has had many uses over the centuries. However, the initial use was to host events for the Roman people to enjoy, like gladiator fights and executions. Today, the Colosseum is unusable for that purpose and is now a tourist destination. The construction of the amphitheatre applies classic techniques used by the Romans, which stem from Greek and Etruscan architecture. The Romans used many different styles to make the Colosseum because it was built to stand as a monument to Roman culture. The massive building changed the view of Rome from .
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