The Colour Out Of Space Literary Analysis

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The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft presents a physical monster while The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Gilman represents a mental monster. They each describe a different aspect of a general worldview of weird fiction and allude to a similar take on weird itself. Gothic literature, just before, had a dominant theme of madness, specifically the physical push to madness versus the mental madness of confinement, and thus created a pathway for similarities. Although the approaches are contrasting in the stories through the way they are displayed, they both suggest that weird fiction identifies the world through a theme of madness. In The Colour Out of Space, the initial disturbance is the meteorite that holds a color only by analogy…show more content…
Our main character suffers from a “temporary nervous depression - a slight hysterical tendency” and, although can be psycho-analysed to be correct, suffers from a more intense mental illness than led on which is then perceived to be the underlying monster. With all this in mind, she is confined and removed from society by her husband and begins to lose her sanity. Even though most people would claim that the husband may be the monster, he actually does try to help her, but through what is considered outdated and obscene ways, but at the time was thought to help. She even talks about another doctor, but worse. This alludes the reader to remember the conditions of how mentally ill humans were treated and how most people would have to resort to mental institutions. So even if the husband in hand made the illness worse by secluding her, he is not the monster. But there is still the problem with her seclusion as a whole and psychologically pushes her to have lack of meaning to life. This is where her imagination begins to wonder through the wallpaper and from a psychological standpoint does what is expected -- creates a reason to be in the world and try to subconsciously overcome the issue by creating a woman who needs help out of the
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