The Colour Purple Literary Analysis

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Alice Walker in her Novel, ‘The colour Purple’ uncovers the barbarity of human being which is being raised in the form of dreadful cruelty and the bloodthirsty nature of human beast. The phrase ‘human beast’ has been used in the title of the paper to emphasize the rise of barbarism of human being. The Novelist Portrays the picture of oppressed as well asoppressors through her novel. Celie, the protagonist of the novel, is a subaltern and is squeezed her whole life by male dominated world. They remain blood sucker in the form of human leech in her life. The protagonist of the novel is anarrator. She is anuneducated and fourteen year black girl who lives in the south. She has to suffer a lot because of her ownfather, Alphonso,who sexually exploits…show more content…
Mr. ____ say, Cause she my wife. Plus, she stubborn.All women good for—he don’t finish. He just tuck his chin over the paper like he do. Remind me of Pa.” (23)2 The referred incident proves the complexity of the Celie’s mind because she is found the extreme cruel as well as a‘loving foe ' for different men. Sometimes, sheconverts herself into beast and tries to seek the revenge on society. It is a kind of psyche, which is resulted from her worst experiences. The barbarity of human being is exposed through ‘The Color Purple’ in the form of images, strong words, and morally difficult concepts. Here, readers are shocked when s/he will come across the striking purposes and functions of vulgarity and violence while reading the novel. The novelist hammers the burning issues of the uncivilized societies of every age and borderless world. She rightly uses the title for novel which signifies the themes such as race, power politics, women’s oppression, sexual violence, sensuality, treachery, greed for money, greed for momentary happiness and tyranny. At the end of the novel, the significance of the title, ‘The Color Purple’, is revealed during the conversation between Shug and Celie. Shug (Mister)

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