The Columbian Exchange Between The Old And New World

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The Columbian Exchange is a mark in history that has lead to pivotal outcomes that has affected the world today as well as the past. The Exchange between the old and new world has brought advances to today’s world due to sacrifices and interactions between two distinctly different populations. Both worlds introduced one another to new diseases, and resources that overall lead to advancements in research and new resources of survival to help sustain populations in both worlds, which have carried over into present day and has allowed for the development of the human population. Sustainable populations allowed individuals to no longer concentrate solely on survival rather have time to research and expand knowledge about health practices and give attention to preventing deadly epidemics. Although the interaction of disease did give rise to deadly epidemics in the new world the advancements made in medicine changed how disease and illness were treated and further allowed a change in perspective about health and survival.

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