Benefits Of The Columbian Exchange

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The Renaissance was a period in European history that triggered a region wide development in the fine arts, intellectual studies and technology. With the expansion of understanding in the fields of science, philosophy and technology and the accumulation of wealth of many European nations, it led to them to expand their own fleets and finance exploration missions throughout the world. The Columbian Exchange was a by-product of the Age of Exploration and was the transfer of plants, animals and technology between the “Old World” and the “New World”. The Columbian Exchange involved the entire modern world. Irrevocably, the Columbian Exchange helped trigger the largest population boom in world history, it led to a boom in the overall economy and…show more content…
Panicked,European empires,like Spain and Portugal started financing trips,specifically to India where they had the largest diversity of food,animals and spices known at that time. Once a certain fellow named Christopher Columbus found Hispaniola (modern day Cuba),every European empire reaped the monumental economic benefits that was provided by the Columbian Exchange. The Columbian Exchange promoted trade,specifically the trade of agricultural commodities. It integrated many parts of the world,supplying items to nations that needed goods,and sold items on the marketplace when there was a strong demand.The Dutch were a prime example of nations that benefited from trade,as they assumed control of international trade.In the 50 year period in ,Dutch Conglomerate, Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie(The Dutch East India Company)held an iron hand on trade,and the people of the Netherlands benefited immensely.Trade led to economic prosperity for many Dutch citizens,and fueled economic activity in the empire,leading the Dutch empire to be able to be as powerful as their rival,the British Empire.The Dutch is just a singular example of how trade strengthened many European empires as they profited off trade,helped stimulate economic activity in empires that needed it and help create high-paying jobs for the citizens that resided in Europe. Agriculture was another economic sector that benefited from the Columbian Exchange ,as the influx of newly discovered agricultural items flooded the marketplace,leaving farmers very wealthy. The center for agriculture was in Britain,a powerhouse of anything related to crops,livestock and spices. The British Empire was the dominant power in world politics and trade. The discovery of lucrative crops such as tobacco and
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