The Comcast Competitive Advantage

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Next in Comcast's relative ranking of the pillars of being an analytical competitor is measuring the executive support of analytics. At present, there is no shortage of this within Comcast and will only grow as time goes on. A growing mantra of leadership at the company is to support your decisions with data and to only sell new ideas if they have the data to back them up. Often this translates to business intelligence teams working directly with senior management to prove or disprove hypothesis on processes or behaviors that lead to strategic decisions within the company. Upon seeing this benefit of having analytically driven decisions, the executive support to 'push down' the functionality of an analytics platform is often a key performance…show more content…
Given that most analytic and business intelligence functionality is still conducted at a local or regional department level it can't be inferred that Comcast currently exhibits a direction for its analytical strategy on the whole. It should be noted though that there are some initiatives currently implemented at Comcast that have hints of an analytical strategy with regards to improving customer service and the first impression the customer experiences when going through ordering and installation. However, this process came more from executive intervention at the director level and happen to be narrowly focused on a select number of metrics. On top of that, the continual management of these initiatives does not fall with enterprise level analytics or business intelligence groups but rather specialized teams located directly within the business units impacted. Comcast most definitely has the desire to move towards having analytics drive its decisions and direction at a large scale; however the pieces are not currently in place to support that…show more content…
It qualifies as an analytical company based on its utilization of enterprise level business intelligence teams and infrastructure, using local and department level analytical teams to build out competitive advantages, and having a culture that supports and can understand analytics from the top down. It lacks the features to be considered a competitor based primarily on its fractured governance of analytical initiatives and the lack of a strong central analytical corporate strategy that is applied beyond a few select measures tied to company performance to drive

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