The Comfort Of Cole Haans Analysis

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“The Comfort of Cole Haans,” by Henry Meyerson, is a comedy drama describing an issue of men’s preference for apparel. The situation happens in the house where Joe urges his wife, Karen not to be late for a dinner appointment with his parents. Tactlessly, Joe did not notice that Karen has problem finding her shoe which makes Karen more enraged. After limping around, she eventually makes him realize that her wife has lost her shoe. Surprisingly, Joe appears to know where the shoe is and brings it back to her. Karen starts questioning this peculiar circumstance until Joe reluctantly admits that he has been wearing her personal items since she left him for a business trip. After hearing that, Karen astonishingly shows no anger yet is somehow perplexed. He dresses in her clothing because he yearns for her, thus Karen considers it acceptable to do so. After the compromise, the couple finally heads to Joe’s parents’ house for dinner. “The Comfort of Cole Haans” has reminded me of one of the significance issues in modern society called cross-dressing, which will be analyzed afterward. In Meyerson’s play, he uses Joe as a special vehicle for the play’s message about cross-dressing issue. Joe has showed some characteristics which can be assumed that he is prone to conduct cross-dressing. Cross-dressing is the act or practice of wearing clothes made for opposite sex (Merriam-Webster). It could happen in men and women. Most of cross-dressers fancy texture of women’s sleeping wear,
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