The Comfort Women: The Comfort Women Of Asia

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The comfort women of Asia have been silent for decades. The wartime tragedy of the Second World War is not spoken of very much for its vulgarity. As Choi Chung Moo says, “Silence impregnates violence.” The matter shouldn’t be pushed away but talked about to prevent future misfortunes. History can have the tendency to repeat itself. Learning from history isn’t something we as people have done. Slavery has been passed down generations in different parts of the world. Libyan slave trade is growing and becoming normalized in that nation of Africa. Child labor is still an issue. There is so much we still need to acknowledge and learn to better ourselves as a planet. The women of World War II are more than the American nurses, and factory workers. Comfort women were a major learning moment in history. While many claim that women took steps ahead during WWII due to joining the workforce, they forgot about the women taken as sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Military. Such a thing is not a step forward. To direct the globe to another way of thinking, we must concede the comfort women. Hundreds of thousands of women have come forward with claims all ringing similar. They are the ianfu. They are filled with history, and listening is the first step in the process of healing the world. Lee Ok Seon’s story started when she was kidnapped off the streets of Busan at the age of 14. Lee said, “When the war was over, others were set free, but not me.” She felt as if she couldn’t go home
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