The Commitment In Gina Presley's Case

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Another important factor is knowing the partner’s history. A person has to make sure that the person that they are going to marry does not hold a criminal record. This is important because if the partner holds a criminal record, they should keep in mind consequences that can occur. Gina Presley’s took good care of her, however, one day she died from a trauma that was caused by her aunt’s boyfriend, Jessie Rodriguez. Rodriguez was convicted for the use of a weapon by a felon. If Gina’s aunt knew this, then her she still could be alive. Knowing a partner’s history can act as a factor to whether to marry them.

Commitment is involved throughout the whole marriage. A person has to be able to be committed to their spouse and marriage. There are many ways to measure commitment. In some cases, a person is only able to be with someone whom they believe are not right for them. However, this can be a conflict because they know they will not be able to a stable marriage. In order cases, a person identifies with their marriage that they cannot be separated from their partner. Commitment also involves personal dedication which a person tries to keep the marriage stable because they want it to last. Investment plays a role because people feel committed to keeping the marriage alive due to the time they have invested. Some
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In a marriage, a couple needs to find a way to communicate with each other. If they fail to do this, then their marriage can fall apart. One effective technique is debriefing conversation. The couple would be able to share information with each other at the end of the day. They can talk with each other by discussing new information, ways to make their bond stronger, or even before going to sleep. If the couple is able to do this, then they can expect to have a more successful marriage compare to those who are lacking in

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