The Common School Movement

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Schools have been a part of the history of the United Sates since the 1600’s in the colonies. Throughout our history they have taken on many different forms and have gone through many different changes. One of the very first forms they took was called the Common School Movement. The movement was founded by Horace Mann, Mann had many beliefs for the school. One of his major beliefs were to teach basic knowledge to children so that people could function in a democracy. Today that focus has shifted it is now geared towards how long students are exposed to instruction, not how much they have learned as well as teaching towards the test. While some of our core beliefs have shifted we still have some old roots. Such as we are rooted in the belief…show more content…
Student learning is one of my main focuses, we also want to teach our students that it is important to fully understand the material you are being taught. Do not just have this knowledge to have it. Many students just like to have and keep the material stuck in their head for a unit or semester. They will listen to a lecture, hearing the words and understanding their meaning and, as best they can, will write down every word. Then later on, they will try to memorize their notes and then pass a test and get high grades. But they are failing to do something. They are not allowing the new material to become part of their own individual system of thought. They are not digging deeper into the material, or allowing it to transform them. Instead, they transform the words they hear into notes and other thoughts, which they store up. The students and the content of the lectures remain strangers to each other, both parts fail to mesh with each other. Making the student carry around someone else’s thoughts. This is what typical schools are teaching their students to do. But with my philosophy I plan to do the opposite of this. I want my students to be engaged and focus more towards the excitement of learning new information rather then get perfect grades. The students will take classes that interest them and will help add to their knowledge, I want my students to be well rounded and well informed students. I want them to be able to add to our curriculum and become part of our

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