The Common Themes Of Bot And The Shakespearean Sonnets

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Shakespearean sonnets are one of the most influential and memorable part of English literature, well loved by audiences and open to interpretation. The sonnets are popularized by English poets. The sonnets differ from the Petrarchan sonnets in terms of their styling and feature several recurring themes such as love, lust and the futile nature of passing time. Shakespearean sonnets can be grouped together as several share common themes and messages such as beauty, love, nature, inevitable aging and ultimately death. Shakespeare’s sonnet feature two main characters, the narrator, who is presumed to be Shakespeare himself and a young man. The narrator varies from praising the young man’s beauty to urging him to procreate to giving advice to him regarding life and its tumultuous twists and turns and most importantly building upon their friendship and relationship.…show more content…
The Petrarchan sonnets, named after 14th century Italian poet Francesco Petrarch, are divided into an octave and sestet. The octave follows a rhyme scheme of ABBA ABBA while the rhyme scheme of the sestet varies but it usually follows the CDECDE pattern. When it comes to the recurring themes, the Petrarchan sonnets focus on romance and longing, by the poet for their lover. Traditionally, it follows the story of a man longing for a woman to return his love and affection. The sonnets follow so that the octave features a problem or obstacle while the sestet resolves the issue and contemplates about it (Gerber,

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