The Commons Theory: The Tragedy Of The Commons

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The Victorian economist, William Forster Lloyd in a pamphlet written in 1833, was the first to coin the expression: “the tragedy of the commons” when he wrote about the effects of overexploitation, or overharvesting, on common land (Tragedy of the commons, n.d). His work was cited in an article by Garret Hardin in 1968, and the concept since then became widely known (Tragedy of the commons, n.d). What is the tragedy of the commons? To be able to grasp and understand the tragedy of the commons, we need to imagine a piece of land owned by the government and used by many herders for their cows. If each herder uses the land to his own advantage, rationally and by thinking about maximizing his own profits, he will let his herd eat the grass available…show more content…
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