The Communicative Approach To Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a field that continues to improve its teaching methodologies through research. There are four pillars to learning a new language; these pillars: are: listening, writing, speaking, and reading. The teacher should be aware of the students’ ability in each of the four skills in order to fully employ all four of the skills for a productive lesson. A highly skilled class will be analyzed for this essay and its activities; the level of this class is Master Mind 1C; it is a level that is very advanced and is a little after the beginning phases of independent usage. This essay will address how to improve language pedagogy on the part of the teacher and how language learning can be facilitated for the class…show more content…
A method is also particular set of procedures of how to teach a foreign language (ITTO, 2016, pp. 119). There are many varied methods out there, each with their own unique set of procedures that help with the acquisition of a foreign language. For this particular classroom activity, the Communicative Approach will be used; the Communicative Approach is based on the study of anthropological linguistics. This approach advocates that language, first and foremost, is a system for communication. It stresses authentic language use, drama notions and functions. (ITTO, 2016, pp. 120)

Classifications of Language Skills:

There is four language skills that are classified as such in order to facilitate the acquisition and improvement of these skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

The four language skills are then further classified into two more classifications: receptive skills (listening and reading) and productive skills (speaking and writing).

The productive skills are skills in which a means of communication is produced by the student. The productive skills are writing and speaking. According to the communicative approach, the ultimate goal of language learning is language production; as such, students can be prepared for the last activity of speaking by building good foundations in the other
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Pre-listening and post-listening activities will be carried out in order to introduce new vocabulary and phrases used in the video. Afterwards, comprehension will be check.

Task 2: This activity will consists of the students temporarily breaking off from their group; the students will plan their own trip without having to conform to someone else’s desires.

● I only have two weeks by myself. Where do I want to go to and why?

Their work will be check for errors. Letting the students critically think of what they desire will prepare them strongly for a fruitful discussion on the group road trip.

Task 3: This activity will focus on developing the reading abilities of the student using a road trip planning article titled: How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip. Pre-reading and post-reading activities will be done in order to introduce vocabulary and then check comprehension.

Task 4: For this last task the students will plan a road trip around Mexico in a group discussion; students will be encouraged to use much of the vocabulary they learned in the previous activities. Some sample questions that induce discussion
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