The Comparison Of Plagiarism In The Digital Age

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Plagiarism is a hard thing to understand and an even harder to deal with. Plagiarism in the digital age is very different than how plagiarism use to be. Digital age plagiarism is a more complex way to plagiarize and is even harder to handle or punish the student with. Digital age plagiarism is also harder to detect unless the paper is put through a network made to detect plagiarism. According to Greenburger there are three different ways to define plagiarism such as theft, deception, and misunderstanding. (Greenburger P1) Misunderstanding is one of the main reasons students are accused of plagiarism. Plagiarism is difficult to understand, and digital plagiarism is even more common because technology is extremely easy to access for all students which adds extra motivation to plagiarize according to Holbeck ( P4). Plagiarism could be misunderstood in three different ways such as cultural, generational, and academic acculturation according to Greenburger (P1). Generational misunderstanding is the most common kind of misunderstanding because the generations begin to change and the past generations are unable to keep up with the generations constantly changing and being made up to date with the new and current generations. The internet has become more of a habit to all young people as why this is called the digital age. Internet is available everywhere you go from WiFi at coffee shops, computers and laptops available to all students, and phones carried around by almost every

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