The Jade Peony Character Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…At first, Poh-Poh was the closest family member for Sekky, who really loved him and cared about him but her death pushed Sekky into a shadow. On this occasion, “Chinatown people turned away, muttering behind my back. Poor Sek-Lung... spent all his seven years with Poh-Poh... he can’t get over it” (Choy 172). According to the others’ words, Sekky was too close with Poh-Poh that he could not fit into the life without her. However, it was also a chance for Sekky to learn about the inescapability of farewell and to be independent in the society. Poh-Poh was the most important character for Sekky since she taught Sekky the first lesson about complex life. Next, Miss. Doyle also played a necessary role in Sekky’s life because she taught Sekky to be brave and kind, which Sekky’s parents did not do. In this situation, students described Miss. Doyle that “She was, like a mother, easier to annoy than please and, like a father, careful to display authority. She always mentioned ‘rescue’ and ‘courage’ and ‘kindness’ ”(Choy 200-201). Thus Miss. Doyle was Sekky’s life mentor who guided him to pick the right way that he should be kind, justice and brave. Miss. Doyle replaced the role of Sekky’s parents to help him to survival in the intricate society. Subsequently, Meiying was the third important character for Sekky since she taught Sekky…show more content…
In the first place, the conflict with family made Sekky knew that family was not the haven he could always rely on. Evidently, Sekky did not have good relationship with his family except Poh-Poh, just like he said, “With Grandma gone, everyone was my enemy”(Choy 223). Sekky always purposefully annoyed his siblings; his parents did not really pay much attention on him and also his third uncle did not respect him. After Poh-Poh’s death, Sekky lost a family. The conflict with family caused Sekky to know that the society was callous that even the blood relation was not allow to be dependent on. Furthermore, the conflict with the society was confused Sekky for a long time and it affected him to find a correct place he was belong. Evidence of it, “All the Chinatown adults were worried over those of us recently born in Canada, born “neither this nor that,” neither Chinese nor Canadian. I sometimes wished that my skin would turn white, my hair go brown, my eyes widen and turn blue…” (Choy 151-152) Therefore, Sekky met the trouble about assimilation that he thought he was Canadian but he was not because of his ancestry. This conflict reminded Sekky to find where he was belong or he would be noting in this selfish society, which only gave hands to congener sometimes. In addition, Sekky still had…show more content…
Life is a gift — accept it. Life is a mission — fulfill it. Life is a struggle — face it. Life is a challenge — defeat it. Sekky was kid, however, the complex life would change him in to an adult. The process must be painful and full of difficult, but all sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain, it is not life at
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