The Complex Relationship Between Brother And Doodle Analysis

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The Complex Relationship between Brother and Doodle
Pride, will always be the longest distance between two people, the reason of betrayal, furthermore, death. In the Scarlet Ibis, James Hurst describes Brother as a slave of pride unable to establish a real relationship with Doodle. The Scarlet Ibis, narrates the complex relationship between the narrator and his physically ill brother Doodle. Pride always invades the weak bond between the two brothers leading them to a tragic end.
At first the narrator sees Doodle as a crazy frail brother, but as we move into the story, we can observe a lot of varying feelings brother has towards Doodle. Upset, brother started making plans to kill Doodle with a pillow in addition to describing him as unbearable
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When the storm hits, the two brothers run back to the house, but Doodle can not keep up and brother taken over by pride leaves him there alone. That powerful pride that brother has, always breaks his bond with Doodle, after the failed lesson they just had, he gives up on his brother. The narrator, clearly has a lot of things going on inside his head, lost, he just leaves him there because of his failure including his inside pride. “I began to weep and the tear-blurred vision in red before me looked very familiar. Doodle I screamed above the pounding storm and threw my body to the earth above his.”(L 390-392) After leaving Doodle, he finally regains his conscience, and goes back for him, sadly, he realised his mistake too late. Although, the present older brother, clearly regrets his acts and now that he understands everything about life, he regrets not loving Doodle the way he should have. In the end, the love between the two brothers is complex and paradoxical, their relationship goes from hatred to love, unfortunately due to pride the relationship between them ended

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