The Complexity Of Comparative Literature

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(Comparative literature as a discipline had its origin in western academia and it still carries that supremacy and dominance. In the post-colonial era, this tendency to normalize the western supremacy is being challenged at various levels. The paper deals in detail with the complexities that Comparative Literature comes across within the post colonial spaces. When Comparative Literature meant as a liberating factor for European literatures, it rather demands more introspection of the existing layers of power structure in terms of language and literatures in Post colonial country like India. It doesn’t confirm with Goethe’s concept of ‘World Literature’. In this globalized, cosmopolitan world the influence and power of English is taken into question in the context of translation in Comparative literature. Transnational comparitivism as a method to move away from the national boundaries lands at a space where the Eurocentric hegemony is the controlling factor of the whole concept of ‘Transnationalism’. Transnationalism and transculturalism is something that is applicable only in a space where equality exists. The paper argues that the discipline of Comparative Literature in the post colonial Indian context subverts the power structure of the discipline itself so as to attend the literatures and languages vastly as the context demands. ) Key words: Post colonialism- Transnational comparativism- deconstruction – hegemony The origin of Comparative Literature as a discipline in
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