The Components Of A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Major Components of a Healthy Lifestyle Wellness and healthy lifestyles cannot be underestimated in the life of a person. It is better to start keeping up with the healthy lifestyles now rather than to wait for illnesses and problems with health in the future. Logically, an individual starts getting through the hardships of life since the moment of birth. The process of aging takes place constantly. People are surrounded by threats and dangers around, but the main risk for the person’s health takes place when one decides to ignore or undervalue the significance of healthy lifestyles. It is vital to go hand in hand with the basic components of a healthy life as a lifelong strategy. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is based on the main six components, namely: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social. First of all, it is vital to note that wellness and healthy lifestyles are possible when all six components are taken into…show more content…
It includes the ability to communicate with other, to build up a family, to be a member of a private or public organization, and other social aspects. A human being is a biosocial creature with biological (natural) and social links, and socially healthy people have “friends and are members of groups – families, neighborhoods, churches” (Floyd, Mimms, & Yelding, 2007, p. 2). Effective social relations and communication serve for escaping loneliness that may cause dissatisfaction with life and illnesses. Therefore, the six major components of wellness and healthy lifestyles include physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social. A person should pay attention and practice each component of wellness in order to reach more effectiveness and be totally healthy. As a result, when all components are carried out on a daily basis they serve for the constant state of happiness in a person’s life, because health equals

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