The Components Of The Importance Of National Identity

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1. Define national Identity.
National identity is examined as a process having implications in the personal lives of each of its members. It was defined by Benedict Anderson as a recent construct that exemplified an “Imagined community”. It was then further examined by David Carter and Richard White to reveal its importance of being unequal in all its component parts, and everchanging throughout history. National Identity must be imagined because those sharing its unifying sense of belonging will never all know one another. Although national identity is extensive, it is still limited, distinguishing its members from those of other nations. Furthermore, it is an independent body not governed by any rules but rather influenced by its various components to satisfy its members. It is a construction of the most prevalent ideologies that distinguish the nation.
2. How is a sense of national identity created?
One of the components that creates a sense of National identity is the physical land on which this nation is bound. In Australia especially, the people’s connection to the land has influenced the sense of national identity. The perseverance against hostile lands to create a thriving society bread values of mateship and battling that became adopted into the national character. Land is also a point where history, experience, media, political and educational institutions and symbolism converge. These components influence national identity independently but produce a unity

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