The Compound Theme Analysis

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The Compound

The theme of the Compound is cooperation. One time working together is important was when Eli and his family had to survive in the compound for 15 years thanks to the dad. Another evidence that working together is important is when Eli and the older sister tries to escape the compound. The last reason why working together is important is getting along with his sisters and brother.This is an example of how they have to work together because Eli used to only hang around his brother Eddie. But now since he was thought to be “missing” he had to get along with her younger sister, Therese (Little Miss Perfect). This was the theme of the story The Compound.

The first event was Eddy got allergic from a cat so the grandma left to get the medicine. This meant that the family got separated. The second event is when the dad says that there is going to be a nuclear explosion, because of the thought of the nuclear explosion the family that was in a car went to the compound and agreed with the dad to stay there for the fiftieth year. Eddy was thought to be dead. The third event was Eli goes to Eddy's room. When this
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This was the external conflict because having a nuclear Explosion made the whole family go into the compound. This meant that it only affected the whole family and not just the main character. Another example was since they were underground, they were thought to be dead from a car crash. This was an example of an external conflict because everyone thought that the family died. The Internal conflict is Eli misses his brother, Eddy. This was very emotional for Eli because he was his best friend and he was thought to be dead. This had a huge impact on Eli because it made Eli depressed. Eli was also depressed because he was the person that he looks up to because he was smart. This was internal because it hurt Eli’s emotions the most. This the internal and External conflict of the
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