The Communicative Approach

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This essay will critically discuss the Communicative Approach in the English classroom and how the CAPS document addresses the approach. The first paragraph discusses the meaning and reason why the Communicative Approach is necessary.

Communication can be found in many different forms, as learners it is one of the most important skills that can be taught in life.The Communicative Language Theory in teaching is a methodology that is accepted worldwide. The methodology connects the theory sections with the practice in teaching a language. Theory states what language is and how a learned. ‘The whole complex of elements formulates Language Teaching Methodology.’ (T.S. Rogers: 2001)

Fluency is a significant part of the Communicative Language
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There are characteristics identified by Richard and Rogers (1986:71) “The primary function of language is for the interaction and communication function of language. The structure of language reflects its functional and communicative uses. The primary units of language are not merely its grammatical and structural features, but categories of functional and communicative meaning as exemplified in discourse.” The Communicative Language Theory means that teaching has to be student-centered. This suits the CAPS document because (2011: 8) “Learning to use language effectively enables learners to acquire knowledge, to express their identity, feelings and ideas, to interact with others, and to manage their world. It also provides learners with a rich, powerful and deeply rooted set of images and ideas that can be used to make their world other than it is; better and clearer than it is. It is through language that cultural diversity and social relations are expressed and constructed, and it is through language that such constructions can be altered, broadened and refined. This means in a learner-centred classroom the teacher is able to help create a learner that is able to think critically. This is an important fact that needs to be applied in the South African classroom. The learners need to do the communicating. This way the teacher will be there to assist if needed. The learners will work in pairs and groups. This is according to the CAPS, working in teams is one of the
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