The Concept Of Ethnic Identity

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Identity means being the same as oneself as well as being different. Because of globalization, the study of ethnic identity has been focused in anthropology discourse. One important piece of individual’s identity is ethnic identity. Being difference from any other factors contributing to the self such as race or personality which are immutable, ethnic identity can be changed and modified not only by the agent himself but also by many external factors. This essay will firstly discuss about the notion of ethnic identity with its situational stance and why it is fundamental for the process of self-identification. The second part of this essay will focus on the problem of ethnic identification in the case of first and secondary generation of immigrants along with their three reactions to the “host country” which are assimilation, segregation and integration. The word ‘ethnicity’ is often connected to minority issues’ and ‘race relations’ in every day discourse, but in social anthropology it simply refers to relationships between culturally distinctive groups. Ethnicity is a product which is made not only of ethnic group when they shape and reshape their self-definition and culture but also of external social, economic and political processes and actors which shape and reshape ethnic categories and definitions. This view rejects the assumption which holds that ethnic identity is unstable over time and lifespan, but indicates that the characteristics of ethnic identity is

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