The Concept Of Fate In Oedipus The King

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The idea of fate is a phenomenon that has been debated on for centuries for what the actual degree of validity may be. Some will argue there is no such thing and others will argue fate is the very thing they live by. It is important to note that in the play Oedipus the King, Sophocles uses the idea of fate to sway the readers ' feelings about Oedipus’ death one way or another. Oedipus makes crucial mistakes in that he commits crimes no person should even after warning from the gods, but also his combination of unethical actions in his kingdom ultimately insures his demise. For someone that made such a minimal effort to avoid this fate handed down by the gods, it is only fitting he suffered the fate he received.
The human conscious is fascinating in the sense that the unconsciousness acts on its own and that is precisely what happens in Oedipus the King. This is precisely shown through
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Oedipus is content with elevating his social image through more violent acts. This is evident as Creon is threatened to be killed: “ No, not exile. It is your death I want,/ So that all the world may see what treason means” (II. 102-103). The whole family including his wife/mother and father all defy the gods who they “worship” this act along with their rather guilt filled lives results in the tragic fate each of them meets. Hamartia is defined as tragic flaw or human failing and that accurately describes Oedipus’ situation and his lack of action to prevent his fate as Walton said, “Oedipus is so stricken at the thought of marrying his mother that he never thinks twice before killing an older man who stands in his way, even though the second part of the Oracle told him he would kill his father”(1). It is arguable that Oedipus did not deserve to die like this, but with such minimal effort to avoid this, it is hard to say
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