The Concept Of Gender Equality

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The concept of gender inequality appeared in the 1960-1970s because of a non-feminist movement that emerged in the West. This movement has changed the idea of gender relations with the purpose of providing and trying to find a model for equal opportunities both for women and men. The inequality between men and women in the modern state and society – is a big problem. The equality of the two genders as a principle is revealed through the content of the rights, freedom and duties, responsibilities of both men and women. The Constitution does not contain selective provisions: "Male and Female have the same rights,such as freedom and equal opportunities for their realisation." However, unfortunately, legal equality - is not actual equality, as…show more content…
This gives us great hope for change and will guide our efforts to ensure that these changes will take place as soon as possible. Nowadays, the role of women in society has increased, both in the economic, social, and political sphere. But all this is the result of a long and persistent struggle by women for many centuries,give up everything: their family, their well-being and sometimes even their lives. Often women are wiser than men for example Queen Elizabeth II, and the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Progress towards gender equality depends on understanding the whole structure from A to Z - from Parliament to local administrative bodies, enterprises, families and individuals. By defending gender equality, we have equal rights with men, social justice, labor productivity and business development, thus, taking another step towards social progress and letting everyone study what he or she wants, innovate under his or her original name, and not being afraid to speak…show more content…
Gender inequality prevents the development of society, which is confirmed by the following negative consequences: rising prosperity and management costs, reduced productivity and slowing down economic growth. For example, the loss of high child mortality and morbidity, a low level of immunization of children as it is clearly linked to the mother 's level of education with the mother 's level of income and/or with the level of independence of the mother. A striking example of a recent global report of human development describes the situation in Pakistan, where there is inequality in education due to gender that has led economic growth constantly

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