The Concept Of Global Citizenship

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In reviewing the literature about global citizenship, we must first understand the term citizenship. The concept of citizenship has constantly changing, yet this is not a new concept. Balibar (1988) states, while the modern concept of citizenship is linked to the modern state and political participation in public affairs, is it still relevant. As changes in the political context continue to change and become more global, the transformation of what citizenship is and how we perceive it has changed as well. Castles & Davidson (2000) state there have always been some ambiguities when looking at citizenship, these were not a problem as long as the stability of nation-states appeared. There are many contradictions and open thoughts about citizenship that relate to the world we live in today. Thus globalization has become the primary context for which we come to look at citizenship The concept of global citizenship is not a new one. Thinking about Western civilization the ideas of citizenship have been around of years. Within this perspective, there have been a multitude of meanings for global citizenship but they all have very similar definitions. Schattle (2009) states the concepts of the global citizenship are not new, yet the term has taken on new currently and it now being widely used in higher education. As a result, the use of the term in particular cases is always open to contestation and reasoned disagreement. Global citizenship, however, is a term that

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