The Great Gatsby Women Essay

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For women, part of their dream had come true since they got their right to vote in 1920s. This event increased their freedom and made them look for more rights. This era for them meant to dress freely, cut their hair as short as they liked and get free from the authority of their husbands. In this era we can see women in “primary colours, and hair bobbed in strange new ways” (The Great Gatsby, p. 27). In Great Gatsby we have Daisy who wants to get away from her husband, and Gatsby thinks if she gets her freedom from Tom they can go back to Louisville and get marry (p.70). Another example in Great Gatsby is when women in Gatsby’s party like to stay and have fun while their husbands want to leave. “Whenever he sees I’m having a good time he wants…show more content…
They came to America to be free and live without any horror. Puritans believed by working hard, trusting in God, and being away from luxurious materials, they can get closer to God, get salvation and become happy. As time goes on people equalized happiness with money, those who had money were considered to be happy. So people tried to become rich and they wanted to do that with least amount of work. They were in the search and pursuit of Money, because money could buy happiness. For example, in Great Gatsby, Myrtle is in an adulterous affair with Tom to taste what it means to be rich. She is in a sad marriage with a poor mechanic and thinks if she can get a rich man who can buy her all she wants, she can get the happiness she deserves. She got happy with the money that Tom gave her to go and buy a dog “here’s your money. Go and buy ten more dogs with it” (p. 19). She easily got happy when she went shopping and could buy whatever she wanted without any hesitation. The people of this age just like Myrtle wanted to go to parties and buy whatever made them instantly and shortly happy. As it was mentioned in the book “one thing’s sure and nothing’s surer/ The rich get richer…” (p.61) and if Myrtle doesn’t get rich she won’t become richer and therefore be
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