Harry Potter Magical Realism

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The main objective of this study is to find out and compare the concept of magical realism on Harry potter and The Philosopher Stone and Matilda. Parents always want to see their children live in happily. But in these both the protagonists suffer out of their parents and people from outside. They also get help from their teachers and friends. They do anything through magic, adventures to save their life from the evil people and those who against them. They learn magic as much as experience and knowledge as possible to prepare for the future and defeat the bad witches and bad people. They involve themselves in adventures in the hope that they will obtain the happiness. In addition to Harry Potter, the successful novel and film adaptation and merchandise are ranging from toys to games to clothes, a wealth of popular and academic works discussing the phenomenon that is Harry Potter has been published over recent years- to varying degrees of acclaim. Some critics praise potter author J.K.Rowling for successfully negotiating the fine line between being ‘both utterly original and part of a literary lineage’ (caselli,…show more content…
Harry is a master of virtue according to everything from scripture to business ethics. The focus of harry becomes many symposia such as Nimbus and Prophecy and an expected session topic at scholarly gatherings such as The International Conference on the fantastic in the Arts and Meetings of the pop culture Association. While newspaper and magazine critics tented to focus on the social aspects of the Potter phenomenon scholars looked as well as literary person’s ancestors and social background, structures and theme. Rowling’s books are both praised and criticized as fairy tale, which deals with someone’s formative years and schooldays series with their author justly laude for her gift at creating charming details that sweeps readers through a range of literary
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