The Concept Of Nature Vs. Nurture In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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In the book “Black boy” By Richard Wright, The main character, Which is the author himself is a little different from his family. Which brings up the concept of Nature vs. Nurture. Nature is something that always been a part of you ever since you were born. For example personalities, personalities separates each and every human being on earth. A couple may get inherited by fathers and mothers, but there are also few that separates from them. Nurture is the influence or the development of a person. For example learning to wash yourself or learning the right manners. Richard had a goal that was not capable for a colored person to reach. Another one was when he burned the house down. The last one is not believing in God.. These are three examples of how Richard’s personality and trait caused him to struggle in life and his nature. Richard’s nature caused him to struggle when burned the house down. Richard and his brother were in their home in Natchez, Mississippi. Richard and his brother had to be quiet because their grandmother was in the other room sleep and…show more content…
Richard wanted to become an writer one day. When he told a white woman he worked for this, she told him that it was impossible for him to reach it, crushing his dreams. When other white people he worked found out this. They thought he was trying to get smart and colored people wasn’t smart to them. So as he continued to work with them. He was threatened and talked down on. Richard one time wrote a story called “The voodoo’s of hell course”. Which was published in the newspaper in 3 parts. Most people didn’t believe that he wrote it or wondered why he put the word hell in it. His Granny didn’t like it because it was a fiction and anything that is fiction is a lie, meant that it was a devil’s book. This caused him to struggle more because people didn’t approve of what he was
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