The Concept Of Power In Michel Foucault's Relationship

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“For me, power is that which must be explained.” -M. Foucault The problem of power was of great importance in Michel Foucault 's philosophical work. His studies on the “analysis of power” proposes a new perspective of power which is far from other theories of power. But the word power is apt to lead number of misunderstandings---misunderstandings with respect to its nature, its form and its unity. In this chapter the researcher will try to discuss the nature and definition of power, its form, and its concrete illustration: the ‘Panopticon’, and on the last part of this chapter the researcher will give a synthesis of the things that he will discuss. I. Power Defined When one speaks of power people immediately think of a political structure or a government, a dominant social class, the master and the slave. People do look at power as a general system of domination exerted by a certain class or group over another, a system whose effects through successive derivations, pervade the entire social body. Another conception of power, according to Sergui Bălan, in his article on M. Foucault’s view on Power Relations, describes the common notion of power: “[u]sually, power is understood as the capacity of an agent to impose his will over the will of the powerless, or the ability to force them to do things they do not wish to do. In this sense, power is understood as possession, as something owned by those in power.” But in Foucault 's opinion, power is not something that can
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