The Concept Of Property In Aristotle, Hobbes And Locke

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How does the conception of property in Aristotle differ from that of Locke?" A transition took place within the year 1651 which led to a change in political thought. It marked a transformation from classical republicanism which was based on what was best for a society (public), to classical individualism which focused more on the protection of individual rights. This shift has created the assumption that current politics has left its past behind and has learnt little from it (the past).A good example is the concept of property, which is a general term that states the rules which administrate the right of entry and control over an area of land or any other natural resources by an individual. There have been great clashes on these rules of property due to their fundamental structure and have created philosophical problems based on the validation of property. These disputes have made the concept of property a concept which is a very contested amongst philosophers such as Aristotle, Hobbes and Locke. Though many other philosophers also have significant opinions on property, the focus of this essay will be on the views of an ancient philosophers against the views of a more modern one. Aristotle will be used to represent the ancient period .He is considered to be above all the other philosophers from the classical (ancient) period which constructed the central understandings of western political thought. Locke who is also an important and significant contributor to political
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