The Concept Of Socialization: The Aspects And Impacts Of Globalization

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2. Discussion of findings 2.1. Concept of globalization In modern time, most of people overlooks the reality of globalization but no one can explain what exactly make it real ( Bartelson 2000). Economy is the only field in which the impacts of globalization can be measured easily. Globalization is reflected in the growth of world trade as an output ratio (percentage of the world imports to gross world product, GWP, has increased from 7% in 1938 to around 10% in 1970 to over 18% in 1996). It is represented in the explosion of foreign direct investment (FDI): FDI in developing countries has increased from $ 2.2 billion in 1970 to $ 154 billion in 1997. It also resulted in national capital markets become increasingly integrated, to the point 1,300,000,000,000 USD per day pass through the foreign exchange market of the world, of which less than 2% is directly related to commercial transactions (Williamson 1998). Moreover, he globalization phenomenon is not only the extension of shipway around the world but also the exchange of culture, information technologies and, more broadly, the variety of social aspects. Erla Zwinggle, in Globalization, quoted that “More like a thin but sticky coating than a powerful acid, this cosmopolitan culture of communications networks and the information media seems to overlay rather than supplant the cultures it interacts with.” It means the cultures of different nations have effects upon each other, select as well as transform them. However,

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