The Concept Of Sovereignty

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Sovereignty is a concept of power in a country. Classic view stating that the country can not be separated by sovereignty. Sovereignty is a power so that the subject of sovereignty can determine the direction of the desired policy. According to J.J. Rosseau, the concept of sovereignty is based on populist and based upon voluntee generale which the people incarnate in the regulations or who are often known by the term democracy. Sovereignty is often referred to by the term democracy. Sovereignty can stand firmly supporting the pillars of democracy if its existence, pillars of democracy consists of 3 Basic, namely: 1. Political parties 2. Elections 3. Mass Media Indonesia has damaged pillars of democracy by a decision of the Constitutional Court…show more content…
Politics is an estuary which backbones can not be separated by Islam. Sources of Islamic law, Al-Qur'an and Sunnah of the Messenger of the 90s do not restrict a State of settings explicitly. According to a Muslim thinker Muhammad Imara Egypt declared that islam as the country does not specify a particular Government to Muslims, since the logic about the suitability of this religion for all time and place demanded that always changed by the power of the evolution of the community, the issue should be left to human reason (think about it). Then in the structure as well as the system's attempt to islam must be based on ijtihad of the imara based on the quran and Hadith. The existence of the concept of ijtihad, which is one of the Islamic jurisprudence and privileges that are only recognized by islam, reinforcing the statement that islam provides a special place for the people and the aspirations of the people in the Islamic system, the system may be higher than democratic istem though. Before Rosseau and other talk related to public aspirations in the mirror of islam has happened among the mujtahidin of consensus is…show more content…
The team of Formatur is a mechanism of representative through a selection of our companions that represent the aspiration of other Muslims. In addition, when the appointment of Ali Ibn abi Talib is separated into several groups, party supporters of ali that we know as propaganda, and the party that refused one because of the Ahlull Hill wal'Aqd separate. The existence of formatur team and Ahlull Hill wal'Aqd put the importance of a political party of the Islamic angle according to the elaboration of historical attempt to islam. The struggle to realize the aspirations of the Muslims, Indonesia has begun with integralisasi values of Islam as a political ideology. Goals embody the ideology of political Islam Indonesia Islamic political party carried through until the end pemerintaan old order. One of them is the process of crystallization of political islam, which provided the ideological ideals during the guided democracy. The Islam of the period have agreed that islam is an ideology of crystallization system most legitimate political building in creating a solid foundation for our
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