The Noble Lie In Plato's Watergate Political Scandal

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Noble lie, a concept introduced by Plato, is a fiction or untruth about a religious nature which mainly focuses on a lie told by upper class to protect or do what is best for society. This essay will discuss the concept of the noble lie from Plato/Socrates book the republic and how it is conducted merely in our everyday modern life by discussing Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal and the biggest political scandal, Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. This essay will argue that Bill Clinton’s lie about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky was not noble but rather to his own personal interests and will also argue that the Watergate political scandal was a series of all illegal activities performed by Nixon’s administration. The essay will be divided into 3 sections. First section will explain how Plato and Socrates view the noble lie and how it is related to the case studies mentioned above. Second section will talk about Lewinsky-Clinton scandal and how Clinton lied for his own personal interests. And third section will discuss the Watergate scandal and its illegal activities that was…show more content…
In order to render citizen’s happiness about their position within their state as a labor, warrior, or ruler and to inspire feelings of brotherhood and patriotism, Socrates believed that a myth is required. Socrates myth’s functions as a religion, it gives meaning upon the eyes of the believers by convincing them that they have been made to perform a certain role within the world. Despite the truthfulness or falseness of myths and religions, Socrates clearly believed that societies benefit from a unified belief system whether it’s true or false. This attitude is surprising to Socrates since he proclaims that he values truth above all else. In the case of the noble lie, Socrates values the health and security of the state over truth. He believes without a stable society, pursuing truth is
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