Emotional Intelligence In Indian Epic Bhagavad-Geeta

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Emotional intelligence:
“Yam hi na vyathayanthyethe purusham purusharshabha
Samadhukha sukham dheeram somruthathvaya kalpathe” [In Sanskrit]

Five Thousand Years back this analytic shloka from Bhagavad- Geeta (Chapter II, Verse 15), sums up the whole crux of Emotional intelligence (EI). It actually means that a person who remains uninterrupted and indifferent either in pain and pleasure is one who attains immortality. There is a believe that immortality exist only in god but in great Indian epic Bhagavad- Geeta says it (immortality) can be achieved by the key of Emotional Intelligence (Gayathri N. & Meenakshi, K. 2012). In this epic Krishna’s ‘Sthithapragnya’ (Emotionally Stable Person) also mentioned which is very close to Mayer and Salovey’s work on Emotional Intelligence where there is a description of emotionally intelligent person. Two Thousand Years back Plato stated that all the learning has an emotional base.
Emotional Intelligence is a subset of Social Intelligence (P. Salovey & John
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Apostolos Efkarpidis, Polychronis Efarpidis & Sofia Zyga (2012) opined in their paper that Emotional intelligence is higher in nurses rather than any other employees of hospital. The reason why emotional intelligence is higher in nurses is because they stay with patients more than any other class of employees so they are more emotionally balance rather than others. Organizational justice would be there only where Emotional intelligence is high. Organizational justice would be in form of courtesy, impartiality in terms of correct information is disseminated by the supervisors to workers discussed by Annamaria Di Fabio & Letizia Palazzeschi (2012). Emotional intelligence improves the organizational entrepreneurship and Organizational Climate. Organizational climate would be more effective when self-awareness, good communication skills, interpersonal expertise will be there in organizations claimed by Nona Momeni

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