The Confederacy: The Cause And Negative Effects Of The Civil War

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The blockade also had a significant impact on international trade. The blockade had a negative impact on the economies of other countries as well as the Confederacy. Areas with textile production in foreign countries that relied on the cotton harvest from the Southern states went into large periods of unemployment. French producers of wine, brandy and silk also suffered when their markets in the Confederacy were cut off. “Although Confederate leaders were confident that Southern economic power would compel European powers to intervene in the Civil War on behalf of the Confederacy, Britain and France remained neutral despite their economic problems, and later in the war developed new sources of cotton in Egypt and India.” Over time, the Union gained more territory while at the same time avoiding conflict with foreign nations. There were many domestic implications due to the blockade as well. Immediately after the issuances of the proclamations, the United States government had to decide on whether to view actions/movements of the Confederacy against the blockade as an act of war. Technically, any rebellious acts would be considered as opposing the United States and thus seen as an “arm insurrection” and deemed treasonous. However, the government only considered the Confederacy as rebels rather than as belligerents. According to The Civil War at Sea, “Throughout the war, Lincoln insisted that the Confederacy had no legal standing as a sovereign entity; those who had taken

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