The Confederate Flag Analysis

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There was a deadly shooting in South Carolina on June 17, 2015. People think it had to do with the confederate flag (Black Confederate Flag supporter says 'I Will Not Turn My Back) . The confederate flag should be flown around government and state grounds. The Confederate Flag is about heritage. The Confederate Flag came from the war. When we won the war we also won the flag and also freedom. The Confederate Flag is not racist. There are african-americans that fought in the war to bring us freedom. There are african-americans that want to support the flag to stay. The Confederate Flag should be on state and government grounds. It tells us about the war that we won and that gave us freedom. It shows that we won freedom from other countries and we would not be here if we didn 't …show more content…

The flag is to remember the memories and the people that have fallen in the war. Family members were in the war with the flag. They want to take picture down that have the flag in it when there ancestor is in the picture when he was in the war. They ban it so it can not be sold or displayed in protests or anything else(Leada Gore). They don 't want another racist shooting to happen. The flag is to racist to sell or for it to be displayed. A lot of people think they are cool with the flag and that they are cooler and all of that other stuff. Some people will use the flag as a gang sign and people treat the flag like it is trash and it doesn 't belong in America. The british people use this same flag but they use it for different reasons. To ban the flag you have to have two-thirds of the legislator votes(Should the confederate flag still fly?) . The flag can be flown (Leada Gore). The flag should not be flown on state and government grounds. The flag is not racist to anyone at all. The flag is about heritage and the war and the freedom that we got and we kept us. The flag shows how much the war meant to us that our family members helped us win for freedom for the

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