The Confederate Flag In Peter Holley's The Washington Post

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Peter Holley from The Washington Post, wrote an article about an African American who is standing up and fighting for what she believes the true meaning of the Confederate battle flag stands for. Holley provides quotes stated from the woman in a number of interviews from other sources. In addition, Holley includes other citizen interviews as well as their personal opinion on the Confederate flag. Karen Copper an African American from New York City. Holley states how Copper shared that she was a member of the Virginia Flaggers, who are against the ideas of many American’s that the Confederate flag symbolizes only racism and hate. The group is an activist group that was formed when the decision was made to remove the Confederate…show more content…
Cooper stated that she believed slavery was a choice. Her statement to then backup her theory was from a famous quote by Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Cooper then continued, “To me, if we had went back to that kind of slavery, no I couldn’t do it. Give me death.” Byron Thomas, who is an African American who studies at the University of SC, told CNN that he felt the flag did not racially offend him, even after the shooter in Charleston posed with the flag. Thomas tells a story of how his ancestor was a cook during the Civil War, he stated that he hung the Confederate Flag in his dorm room to honor his ancestor. Thomas quoted, “My Confederate flag isn’t racist; after all, I am black. I’m also an American who strongly believes in the constitutional right to free speech.” Down south in Birmingham, Alabama a black native and Marine by the name of Courtney Daniels is also a believer of keeping the Confederate flag. He wrote in the Birmingham news his opinion on how he felt that Confederate flag and its “gorgeous colors” were hijacked by “a few cowards in

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