The Conflict Between Environmental Ethics And Animal Rights

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There has been a long conflict in ethical decisions between environmental ethics and animal rights. The focus of environmental ethics is the natural community. Whereas the focus of animal rights is the individual animal. In Eric Katz’s “Is There a Place for animals in the Moral Consideration of Nature?” he addresses this problem between environmental ethics and animal rights. He offers two kinds of moral consideration: the well-being of the natural community and the protection of the natural individual. Whereas, other ethicists such as Tom Regan emphasizes the rights of animals and his goal of liberation of animals. This paper will focus on the Katz’s two moral considerations, the distinction between the two considerations, Regan’s view on animal rights, and the disagreement between Katz and Regan. Considering both of Katz’s moral consideration, I partly agree with his considerations as it provides a more holistic approach however, it does not explain to us what our environmental duties are.
Katz believes that there are two distinct kinds of moral consideration. The first moral consideration, being his primary focus, is more concerned about the health and well-being of the natural communities. The natural community is not focused on the individual. It has a more holistic approach in that it concerns the natural environmental as a whole. This would include both biotic and abiotic factors of the environment. “This must be the primary principle of an environmental ethic

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