The Conflict Between Good And The Evil In Young Goodman Brown

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The conflict between Good and the Evil takes many forms. It is the eternal conflict since the beginning of time and it continues until the end of time. The human nature is the one being tested in the conflict and the winner will reap it all. In the story of young Goodman Brown it shines the light on this fight between the human nature and the evil powers,
Starting with Young Goodman Brown in his life as a true Christian as defined by the story resembles of a man without a sin with a lovely wife that cares about him and have a happy life. This resembles similar to the first creation of Adam and Eve, the true purity and happiness and the pink ribbons represent the bond between the purity of the soul and the human nature in the first creation and his wife faith represent the faith in God between Adam and Eve and God. Living in a community with all the people around you loves you is the true heaven as the story describes. Goodman knows the people in his community are good and he has a relationship with them like Deacon Gookin, the judge and the lady Goody Cloyse, the lady that taught him when he was going to the church when he was young.
Starting to walk down the dark road is the same as the human nature going through life. We all have to go on our roads and be tested with dark thoughts and Evil temptation. This is our test. Young Goodman Brown is not walking alone in the road of his life; he was walking with a demon that looks like him. In our roads, the demon will always

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