The Conflict Between Myanmar And Ethnic Conflict

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Myanmar has one of the longest ethnic conflicts in the world. Due to the conflict, people are suffering in their daily life, especially the women and children and not only from the during the conflict but also after the conflict situation. The root cause of the conflict between Myanmar and ethnic minority groups can be traced back to the government’s failure to honor the 1947 Panglong Agreement which General Aung San guaranteed autonomy to frontier areas in Panglong, Shan State. Before independence on 4 Jan 1948, Myanmar was divided into frontier areas, Proper Burma, and special region. Burman majority and different ethnic minority leaders met in Panlong and discussed to gain independence from British. As General Aung San said, “If we want the nation to prosper, we must pool our resources, manpower, wealth, skills, and work together. If we are divided, the Karens, the Shans, the Kachins, the Chins, the Burmese, the Mons and the Arakanese, each pulling in a different direction, the Union will be torn, and we will all come to grief. Let us unite and work together (General Aung San, 1947, p. 124).” When General Aung San was assassinated along with eight other cabinets members, U Nu became the first prime minister and the trust of ethnic minorities were quickly eroded due to problems with the 1947 constitution and brought the different groups together to safeguard their rights. From that time, the ethnic conflict of civil war in Myanmar was the longest civil war in the world. It

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