The Conflict Between Relationships In The Great Gatsby

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Many relationships have bumps in the road, ups and downs and some conquer those mishaps in the relationship. In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, he wrote about the conflicts between relationships and what happened. I believe that if different decisions were made the story’s point of view would have been different amongst the relationships like: if Daisy and Gatsby did not have a past, Gatsby would not have died. One major effect the story had started with was Nick moving to New York for his stock job, this affected the whole story. When Nick first showed up, he only knew his cousin, Daisy and her husband, Tom. They caught up about their lives, but Daisy leaves one major detail about her life, Gatsby. Nick later includes that he lives next to a…show more content…
Most people would think this, but characters in the book thought differently. They thought that they could avoid all feeling toward another person. Daisy was not happy with her marriage due to her emotional affair with Gatsby. She tries to keep this affair away from Tom, but she makes it pretty obvious to him that there is something that goes on. Gatsby always had a loving feeling for Daisy, even though she is in a marriage. This did not stop Gatsby for going after what he wanted. Gatsby tried very hard to get Daisy’s attention with the parties he had, but it never seemed to work. Every complication that occurred affected Gatsby greatly. I think that the emotional affair between Gatsby and Daisy killed Gatsby. If he had let go of his feelings to Daisy he would have lived a better life. He would not have died in the end of the story. If Daisy would have ignored Gatsby instead of starting an emotional affair with him, he would have survived and so would have Myrtle. The confusions between the relationships killed Myrtle and Gatsby. Even though Gatsby was not in a relationship he ruined one by never moving on from
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