Science And Nature In Nathaniel Hawthorne's Birthmark

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Aylmer’s potion doomed him by take away her breath. Aspiration for perfect wife not only kills Georgiana, it also spoils her husband because his longing to fabricate the ideal woman made him to overlook her true love and the beauty. Eventually, petty imperfection is all he could see when he romance with his wife. Georgian’s admirers are wise enough to understand that perfection is not a goal worth pursuing. Although these characters are invisible throughout the story they appreciate Georgina more than her husband does. In the end perfection is just mere opinion. Hawthorne's story argues that man is necessarily flawed and can't be expected to be perfect.
Besides, this short story has been taken place while science world was booming up and human being started to trust that science could take them to the extend to conquer the world and nature. His story argues his point that, science really does have its own limitations. There are certain things that humans don’t have liberty to know, not capable of doing it. Hawthorne also point out the conflict between science and nature through this short story. Nature is the great force that controls human beings. In this story Aylmer is great scientist who believes that manmade creation is so powerful till could compete with
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This story is easy to understand by young adults and also appropriate to be conducted in literature class. This story emphasizes moral values such as we should strive for progress instead of perfection. The perfection Aylmer chased throughout the story doesn’t make him content feeling because it’s just mere folly opinion of him. So here I would stress to my students that perfection in the end should never perish us in anyway. Aylmer deep desire and madness on striving for perfection leads him major failure in his marriage life. If only Aylmer stops expecting his wife to be flawless woman he would have care for
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