Advantages And Disadvantages Of Conflict Style

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The competing conflict style is considered as a “win-lose” approach. This means that the other party involved is of no or very little concern. The opposition is completely ignored. This is used as a strategic approach as a means of gaining power and control. The competing style is also frequently practiced as an assertive way to achieve goals within the organization. Very often the competing style is used by management to achieve the goals of the organization. This usually is brought on by having an employer who is power driven. The organization is highly goal orientated and will do what it needs, to be successful. Management is generally competitive by nature and the use of competitive style is brought on at a young age. Children and young adults strive for social status among their peers. They always need to be the best at whatever they…show more content…
The use of competitive conflicting style will create a negative result when used in certain situations or inappropriately. After all, the “win-lose” approach leaves no room for compromise. Management that choose this approach with their employees may breed hostility between parties. Power driven decisions made abruptly can strain the relationships between individuals of the workplace. This can possibly result in resentment and retaliation, which would eventually lead to lower motivation and productivity of the organization. It can also cause intimidation of the employer which inhibits communication. When employers use this approach of winning at all costs, it could harm the business and staff financially. Sometimes the employer will be so power driven that they won’t make any other decision except the one that leads them to socially look good. This means that they believe their own personal issues, their reputation, are more important than the issue at stake. When this happens, it can result in diminished commitment and support from staff to the
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