The Conflicts Of Women And Mother-Daughter Conflict In Snow White

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When Snow White comes back to life, the prince and she get married as soon as possible. The Queen, her mother who tried to kill her numerous times, is also invited to the wedding. Even though the queen is angry and horrified, her jealousy wins over and she goes to the wedding to see the young queen. It suggests that women are weak creatures and act on their chaotic feelings without using their brains. When she arrives at the wedding, they make her wear burning hot shoes and dance. She dies in a horrible way as an entertainment show in her daughter’s wedding. Snow White wants to take revenge from her mother and she does not mind that this murder takes place in her wedding. It is almost like a wedding present. Being a fragile and beautiful princess does not stop her becoming evil when it comes to the rivalry between two women, even if they are mother and daughter. The father-son conflict is not uncommon in classical myths by any means, but the mother-daughter conflict here is significant as it needs to set an example for women in a patriarchal society. Father and son might have hostility towards each other, but it is a fight between superiors who have power and intelligence. The conflict in Snow White results from a beauty contest and females do not exist in society to have conflicts. They are merely there to please men. Therefore, a lesson should be taught by punishing the Queen in the most horrible and demeaning way. Queen’s death is also a celebration because she is no

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