The Conjecture Reconstruction Of La Isabela By Arthur Shilstone

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After his first voyage, Columbus returned to Queen Isabella with his findings. With a larger crew and more supplies, Columbus returned to the Americas to establish a permanent town. The Conjecture Reconstruction of La Isabela by Arthur Shilstone shows the town and how it was meant to be. The painting may not be from the 1490s, but considering the town does not exist anymore it does show the town and the extent to which the Spaniards had planned on settling. The failure was a combination of Columbus’s bad administration, the crew’s unwillingness to cooperate, and the surrounding native population’s resistance to the Spaniards. Columbus’s poor administration was the reason the town failed. The town wasn’t the first failure. The original group of Spaniards left behind after the first voyage was also a failure. The natives resisted the Spaniards advances and killed them before…show more content…
For this reason, Columbus moved his new colony elsewhere. The colony was unprepared and the people Columbus left did not expect the natives to resist them and were murdered. His second attempt was expected to be better planned. Seventeen ships sailed to the Americas, or what Columbus believed was Asia. In 1493, Columbus found the first European colony in the Americas. The town is in modern day Puerto Plata on the Coast of Dominican Republic. Columbus had an ambitious plan to create a trading post in what he believed was Asia. The town existed for less than five years. Even though the Spaniards had high hopes for the town; the town failed to live up to its expectations. In the time the town did exist it did have a few building be erected. Even a wall was built. The painting by Arthur Shilstone

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