The Connected Child Analysis

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Proverbs 31:28 says: “Her children rise up and call her blessed”. Rebecca Summer, a mother of 6, rests in the promise that her children loving her in return will be and is the greatest gift of parenting. Rebecca has three biological children: ages twenty-one, nineteen, and fourteen; and she has three adopted children: ages eight, seven, and five. She is the first to admit that parenting is not an easy task. Rebecca often finds herself asking the question: “When and what did I do wrong?”. Her heart and mind are steadied when she reminds herself that one day her children will return her love tenfold. In her experience, that requited love comes when it is least expected and needed most. Upon learning about her first pregnancy, Rebecca went door…show more content…
Karen Purvis. It is about parenting adopted children from trauma and how-to re-foster attachment and trust. It is the book I am reading in my book club; it has wise, research based advice. When Rebecca discussed differences in her biological and adopted children’s responses to discipline, that book could really help fill in the gaps for her. Rebecca also talked a lot about self-care and her lack of it. She really prides herself on being an empathic parent; however, that takes a lot of mental and emotionally energy, so it is really easy for her to burnout. Once Rebecca is burnt out, she cannot respond out of that identity anymore. She becomes short, temperamental, and reactive towards her children. She often feels like she cannot do enough to relieve the stress that is on her. I am positive that she is not the only mom who feels this way. I would encourage her to set aside “me time”. It would be a designated time where she could do what she wanted or needed to do to partake in self-care. It is so important for parents to understand that they need to be able to drop what they are doing and set boundaries for themselves. It is impossible to be a caring and giving parent if you have nothing else in you to give. So, when the child is sleeping, the parent also needs to sleep; set a reminder to take a bubble bath; take a walk; or go on a car ride. Parents need to take care of themselves to take care of their
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