The Connection Between Gertrude And Ophelia By William Shakespeare

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To start this essay about the connection between Gertrude and Ophelia with William Shakespeare, we must say that is a little hard to understand how he related these women with all the play, since they are the two only women with important roles in this play.
That point is easy to understand, knowing that in the time when Shakespeare wrote one of his most famous plays, women were not very considered to have a principal role. Men had to interpret the role of women; the roles of these two women are very complex, we can see different points of view about them, depending on how we could interpret the behavior of the women at that time. What we know about Gertrude according to the play is that she married Claudius after not much time that her husband died. Her husband was Claudius’ brother, so that act was seemed very weird at that time by the people; they believed that was an act of incest. So it’s understandable why Hamlet was very upset at the first moments, even reading several times the play we don’t know if she knows the plan that killed her husband, but there’s a little information to declare that. Some readers can see Gertrude as a silly women Shakespeare(1514) and citing Hamlet she is a “most pernicious woman’’(p.130) with no loyalty towards his father’s memory and lack of selflessness, which by the way at Shakespeare time were seen as the precise qualities that a perfect wife must possess. But I wonder myself that was attitude was due to the patriarchal
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