Pros And Cons Of Raising The Driving Age

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“Road crashes are the leading cause of death among young people ages 15-29, and the second leading cause of death worldwide among young people ages 5-14” (Asirt, 2016). Rising the age on driving is important, because the age play an important role in driving. Many people consider that driving at young age will have more accidents. Also, drivers should have high skills in driving, and how they can avoid accidents in many cases. Some teenagers get excited about driving, and they get the license quickly without performing. However, it is argued driving age should not be raised because it takes the teenagers freedom away, and it is unimportant to drive in a specific age, everyone should have enough skills to drive without having difficulties.…show more content…
A young person has many rights in the humanity, consequently driving is one of the rights, and they should not wait for the age twenty-one to drive. Since at that time teenagers have job and parents will not concern to take their teenagers to the work, institution, and universities etc. Furthermore, public transportation is not always available to do teens’ duties, especially if the work is far away from their houses. They should wait for a bus or a train to transport them at time. In the article, “The Cons of Raising the Driving Age” (Lombardo, 2015) writes that some parents are enforced to arrange their timing for their children, they should pick up their children, and drop them to anywhere especially teens wants to enjoy driving with their friends. Also, some teens are having many other duties like celebrations, proms and events etc. In other words, there will be lack of opportunity to adult’s…show more content…
Youngsters, specifically boys like to overestimate in the street their capacity to show-off by speeding, and drifting. In this way, they cause the people who are driving in the highway because they distract the people, and they cannot focus in the way. In the article “Should the legal driving age be raised?” the author shows that around 27% of adolescent male drivers smash within their beginning year of having a license. This may be true; however people who are interested in drifting and racing have a specific place to put their interests in there. Also, in the freeway people who are over speeding, they have an alone way to drive. So, people can avoid these issues by protecting themselves from not getting nearby them, and give them a space without any complications. It also depends on the driver his
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