The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing To Students

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Even though students have been taking standardized test for decades, parents and educators are just now realizing that standardized testing could be harmful to students. Standardized testing has been a problem , causing controversy since the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Although standardized testing helps pinpoint weak spots and evaluate students progress, it can cause students to have mental health issues. Stress has been a top leading issue students have to face from standardized test for the past few years. Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Many people don’t know what stress really is, nor do they understand how to deal with it. This could be especially…show more content…
Although standardized testing has its cons, it also has pros. For example, Two important things Standardized testing provides is the ability to see students weak areas and progress. Although having the ability to see students weak areas may sound like a good thing, it really isn’t. The ability to see weak areas is moreso a benefit to educators when teaching students so they know what to help students with and fix so students can improve in these areas. But, teachers don’t really help students one on one rather as one big group of up to 30+ students at times. So, since teachers can’t teach every student one on one and really fix those weak areas it leave the students with information that they still might not understand or it might help the student in a minor way. So in the long run, students will never truly fix those weak areas and, going back to self esteem, can lower the way they view themselves as a student/lower their self esteem. Next, seeing student progress isn’t really something that helps students other than letting them know what they approved on, which doesn’t help students academically, or showing students what they didn’t do well on that time around compared to a previous standardized test, going back to the weak areas. Seeing student progress is moreso a way to assess teachers and see if they are truly helping the students and it’s more of a reflection on the teacher rather than the…show more content…
Considering it’s causing mental health issues among students and helps students in a very little manor. Hoping you agree with at this point, if possible, go out and talk to your parents, teachers, superintendent, anyone, and talk to them about standardized testing and all of the effects that it’s having on students or even you. Educate those who don’t know about standardized testing and
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