The Cons Of Technology: Man Vs. Machine

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Vina Angeli Abella Com 12 – B Cheryl Nasol 18 December 2014 Man vs. Machine Decades ago, people would not have predicted technology to be as advanced as it already is now. Back then, they even saw the internet as something that is alien, something that would not go mainstream (Nasol) and penetrate the lives of the people. Today, almost every person has a smartphone in his hand or pocket and checks the internet everyday, making it easier to connect to people and connect to information. Society has changed into a society that is information-driven with the help of new innovations and inventions. These new tools have become extensions of our senses, sort of like a necessity we cannot live without, and "everything people produce is made with the aid of these tools" (Simon 87). The arrival of this new age has really been a turning point for everyone as the new tools made life easier and more convenient for people. Things were done at a much faster pace, and machines and new technologies were available to almost everyone. Albeit the ongoing list of advantages of these tools, there are still disadvantages. It is said that people must take advantage of the technology there is now, but what if they take advantage of it too much? They have become too attached to the use of technology and new social applications and programs that it has already affected the way their lives are lived. With this, it is an issue today whether or not digital tools make us more or less productive – the
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